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The Lubmat Conference will be a strategic exhibiting opportunity for all exhibitors – our valued partner! We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your products and services to our large audience in our spacious and well-appointed exhibit hall. Coffee breaks will be served in this area.

Applications will be processed in strict order of payment.

Download the stand application and contract (459KB)

Booth of 3 x 2 x 2,35 m.h. (6m2) specifications:

  • General structure with natural-colour aluminium.
  • White melamine panels.
  • Facade made from the same type of material.
  • Aluminium grid on ceiling.
  • Front sign in standard lettering.
  • Electrical box with plugs in each stand (3000w).
  • Lighting: 3 spotlights.
  • Fireproof carpet
  • Transport, assembly and disassembly.
Option 1

VAT not included

  • 1 booth and 1 registration included
Option 2

VAT not included

  • 1 booth and 2 registrations included
Option 3

VAT not included

  • 1 booth and 3 registrations included

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