15th -17th December 2020 | Basque Country

How to send a video presentation

Photo of the presenterPhoto of the presenter

Step 1

Access the private area.

To access the Private Area you will have to enter your User and Password in the link on the upper right corner in the site. Enter those codes and click the button ENTER.

Step 2

Read the Instructions for a recording a video presentation and Download the licence and complete.

The 1st author or the manager will find the documents in the Private Area.

1.Upload your video-presentation

Detailed instructions and recommendations on how to create your video presentation can be found in the attached pdf.

The general requirements for videos are:
- Video file format: MP4
- Screen resolution: FullHD (1920x1080 pixel)
- Screen format: 16:9
- Presentation time:
25 min - Keynote presentations
15 min – Oral presentations
- Maximum weight: 500Mb

Download the instructions:


Instructions for a recording a video presentation (.pdf, 1,2 Mb)

Download the background:


Video presentation Lubmat background (.pdf, 140 Kb)

2.Upload a scanned copy of the License to use image and voice, once you have completed and signed it

Please replace the text in blue with your information.

Download the licence:


Licence (.pdf, 210 Kb)

To access the Private Area you will have to enter those codes in the box on the upper right corner in the site and click the button LOGIN.

Step 3

Upload the .pdf and the .mp4 by the 20 November 2020.

Maximum video size: 500Mb.
You can reduce the size of your .MP4 file size on this webiste: handbrake.fr

Maximum licence size: 3Mb.
You can reduce the size of your .PDF file size on this webiste: www.ilovepdf.com/compress_pdf


Please note that the presenter of the video has to be the same person who speaks in the video-presentation, who answers the questions and who signs up. Only the registered person will have access to the platform and will participate in the discussion.

Finally, we remind you that the deadline for author's registration is 6th November.

Four possible ways of recording the video presentation are provided:

1. Screen capturing of PowerPoint presentations
2. Use a screen recorder. For example: Loom or OBS
3. External camera recording a “physical” presentation
4. Use a video editor. For example: Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie

How to Make a Video in PowerPoint

To include in the video presentation:

- Title and the name of the presenter
- Photo of the presenter in all the slides
- Pagination
- Contribution
- Voice over of the presenter


- Please, pay attention to the image and sound quality of the recording.
- If the quality of the audio recording is not good, it is recommended to include subtitles

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