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Conference Center: Miramar Palace

The Miramar Palace is an late 19th-century palace located on the La Concha Bay of the city of San Sebastián, Basque Country,Spain. It was built in 1893 commissioned by the Spanish Royal Family, based on a 1889 project by English architect Selden Wornum.

The Miramar Palace has a purely English style and presents some neogothic ornaments. On the inside it has some noble areas that remain faithful to their original configuration, among them the White Hall, the Music Hall, the Wooden Hall, the Petit Salon, the Library and the Royal Dining Room. The rest of the Palace has been renovated successively since it was acquired by the City Council, making it become more functional. The Palace preserves the original outside look.

Currently, the Palace and its gardens are open to the public in fixed opening hours. The Miramar Palace houses the Summer Courses of the University of the Basque Country. Until 2016, the Palace houses Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country.

Miramar Palace

Paseo Miraconcha, 48
(+34) 943 21 90 22

Parking La Concha

Plaza Cervantes, 1

Parking Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca

Av/ Pio Baroja, 15
(+34) 943 31 79 50


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